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JT-6210 UHF RFID Desktop USB Card Reader Manufacturer

JT-6210 UHF RFID Desktop USB Card Reader


Brand Name Speedwork
Working temperature - 20 ℃ - 55℃
Store temperature - 20 ℃ - 55℃
Lead Time 1~3 working days

Additional Information

Product Code JT-6210

 Application : Desktop USB card reader JT-6210 is widely used in a variety of RFID systems. The main applications are:-

  • logistics and warehousing management: the flow of goods and storage management and mail, parcels, transport luggage, such as the flow management;
  • intelligent parking management: car park management and charging automation;
  • 3, the production line management: the identification of the production process sentinel;
  • 4, other areas: library management, attendance management, asset management systems.

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Technical Specification

Physical Parameters:
Size  142mm x 85mm x 20mm
Weight 0.2kg
Material ABS
Antenna Built-in
Performance parameters:
Working frequency 902~928mhz or865~868mhz
Supporting protocol EPC C1 GEN2   ISO18000 - 6C
Radio power 0 - 17 dbm
Reading range 0 - 60cm
Writing range 0 - 10cm
Communication interface USB
Key board output support
Power USB supply

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