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JT-8290G 20M GPRS RS232 RFID Integrated Long Range Reader Supplier

JT-8290G 20M GPRS RS232 RFID Integrated Long Range Reader


Brand Name Speedwork
Weight 5kgs
Dimensions 470x470x70mm
Size 450x450x50mm
Package size 600x480x110mm
Shell material ABS
Working temperature -20℃~+65℃
Storage temperature -45℃~+95℃
Lead Time 3 working days

Additional Information

Product Code JT-8290G

Features :

  •  Long-range reader, 232, Wiegand, GPRS coexistence of the three data output.   
  • Can add low-temperature treatment, to -40 degrees environment, industrial 6000V lightning.
  • Free warranty for two years, has done CE, FCC certification.
  • The device encryption, authorization card, anti-copy.
  • Clip code installed pole diameter of not more than 6CM.

Application :

  • Transportation vehicle management -  Monitor and manage the transportation of vehicle and container.
  • Custom management -  custom clearance and transit of material.
  • Logistic management -  manage the flow of commodity, mail and package.
  • Manufacturing sequence -  monitor parts during the whole productive process.
  • Device management -  monitor the flow of device.

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Technical Specification

Item No.
JT-8290W RS232,WIFI,Wiegand
JT-8290B RS232,TCP/IP,Wiegand
JT-8290A RS232,RS485,Wiegand
JT-8290G RS232,GPRS,Wiegand
Performance Parameters
Working Frequency 902~928 MHz or 865~868MHz
Protocol ISO18000-6C(EPC C1 GEN2)
RF power 0~30dBm(Adjustable)
Software & SDK DEMO and C#, VC, VB, Java, DELPH, etc.,
Encryption Can be directly encrypted, copy prevention.
Reading range stable reading range 25M(Depends on tag & environment)
Industrial lightning protection 6000V
Low temperature protection Northeast, Northwest extremely cold region, low temperature protection
Frequency modulation hopping or fixed frequency
Input/output port Two-way relay output(customized), one-way trigger input
Antenna gain 12dBi polarization
Working way Buzzer
Power 12V/3A Adaptor

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