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UHF RFID 10DBI Black Marathon Floor Mat Antenna Supplier

UHF RFID 10DBI Black Marathon Floor Mat Antenna


Brand Name Speedwork
Color Black
Lead Time 3 working days
Operating temperature -40-70℃
Net weight 1.5KG
Frequency 902-928MHz

Additional Information

Product Code JT-635

Application Scenarios :

  • Radio-frequency reader antenna, used for terminals, parking lots, shopping malls, toll station, Rfid timing.
  • Sports venue management: Timing race recognition system, the starting and ending of marathon.
  • Access control system management: Personnel management, the out and in of goods management.
  • The mat antenna which with best quality in china, can be used for personal/gate/school access control system etc.marathon/ racing/ bike/swimming pool system etc.

Features :

  • Ultrathin Size
  • Wide Coverage
  • Plug and Play Devices
  • Suitable for all kinds of Cabinet Material
  • Working all day in the outside; Strong anti-interface ability
  • High gain, fast reading and writing,long range reading, high data security, convenient using

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Technical Specification

Electrical Specifications
Antenna Type Black Marathon Floor Mat Antenna
Frequency 902-928MHz  & 865-868MHz
Gain 10dBi
Beam width Hor: 75°  & Ver: 45°
Polarization Liner
VSWR ≤1.5
F/B Ratio ≥20
Impedance 50Ω
Maximum power 50W
Lightning protection DC Ground
Connector SMA-Female
Mechanical Specifications
Dimension 1600*60*22mm
Net weight 1.5KG
Packing size 167*8*4.5cm
Gross weight 2.0KG
Radome material PVC
Radome colour Black
Operating temperature -40-70

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